Travel Rumors. A rumor you have heard. It makes you curious. You can’t wait to tell it to everyone, scream about it, but then again.. you don’t want everyone to know.

Unique. An experience. Something different. It could be the service, the location, just this one person who was working there, what made this experience so special to you. A hidden gem..

A shame to keep it quiet as it is so special, it makes us all so happy or provides us with such an unique experience! So we have decided to go out, explore and find these hidden gems for our readers and tell them our little travel rumors.

We love to take you on board on our journey. We share the world through pictures and stories and share our own opinion out of our experience, passion and dreams. Are you ready for takeoff?

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.”

Love, Danielle and team of enthusiastic contributors!

Psst. Do(n’t) tell!

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