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Jheronimus Bosch, also known as Jeroen Bosch, is a world-famous painter who used to live and work in a house on the edge of Den Bosch’s market square. This is where his work came to life. He is known for his characteristic panels and drawings, full of monsters, devils and bizarre creatures. And even though this year the city is commemorating the 500th anniversary of Jheronimus’ death, his work is not only still alive in the city, but also in famous museums around the world. He created his major themes, which are: seduction, sin and judgement. During the coming months, you get the opportunity to learn more about Jheronimus as well as these themes in a unique, creative and tasteful way in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (also called Den Bosch)!
Den Bosch By Night Climb the St. Johns Cathedral
The coming months there are several events you can participate in to experience Bosch by Night. I have selected three of the events that we have experienced as we think this is already worth visiting the south for!
Bosch by Night Light show
Step into Jheronimus footsteps and feel his work coming to life. On the spot where he used to live and work, you can enjoy a light show projected on the buildings along the market square in Den Bosch. The light- and sound show will explain the story behind his famous works.
Den Bosch By Night Lightshow
It is an open air light show and therefor free of charge. The light show will be projected until December 10, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. Please find the time table below. Show times subject to change. Visit the website for the accurate time before you go: Bosch500
18 September – 29 October 20:15 (21:30 on Thursdays)
30 October – 10 December 18:30 (21:30 on Thursdays – 11 November no show)
Den Bosch – A wondrous climb at the St. John’s Cathedral
View the exceptional sculptures up close, enjoy the view over the city Den Bosch and watch the sunset during this unique and one-off opportunity to climb atop of the St. John’s Cathedral. Something that has never been offered to the public before!
Den Bosch By Night Climb the St. Johns Cathedral
Guided tours are organized to experience the Gothic cathedral with your own eyes, which was built between 1370 and 1529.
Den Bosch By Night Climb the St. Johns Cathedral
After a little climb, you will be standing 25 meters above the ground to learn more about the sculptures on top of the cathedral. And even though the cathedral was under construction during Jheronimus Bosch’s lifetime, it looks like he was involved in the design of it, as you will find a similarity between the sculptures and Jheronimus Bosch’s work.
Den Bosch By Night Climb the St. Johns Cathedral
You can climb the cathedral for only 7 Euro per person. Better be quick; you only get the chance until the end of October 2016! Click for more info and tickets for a wondrous climb at the St. John’s Cathedral.
Den Bosch By Night Climb the St. Johns Cathedral
Bosch by Night Walking Dinner
Several restaurants are participating in a walking dinner tour, where you get the change to taste a starter, main course and dessert each in a different restaurant. Jheronimus Bosch inspired himself and his work, based on the seven sins. For that reason, the chefs of the restaurants created something for you that is also based on the seven sins. For example jealousy: where different sized portions are being served to the guests. Or anger: a chocolate dessert containing red pepper. Definitely a fun and unique way to experience the gastronomy of the city!
Den Bosch By Night Bourgondisch Den Bosch
The tour starts at hotel Mövenpick, where you can park your car if needed. You will start with a small bite and drink, and from there on, the three different restaurants in the city will be visited. In between you will be visiting the Bosch by Night light show.
Den Bosch By Night Walking Dinner
The Bosch by Night Walking Dinner is a great match with the Bosch by Night Light show. Therefor you can book this restaurant tour on the same days as the light show takes place, which is a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can book a walking dinner until December 10th.
Den Bosch By Night Bourgondisch Den Bosch
For more info: visit the website Bezoek Den Bosch.
For bookings: click to send an email  or call 0031 (0)736149986.
The price is 49,95 Euro per person, including parking and transportation to the city, a drink and bite at the start of the tour, the three courses including a glass of wine for the first two courses and coffee or tea for the last one.

More info about Jheronimus Bosch or about the events? Click to visit the website of Bosch500. Have fun!

Psst. Do(n’t) tell!

Photos made by BrabantNacht and ourselves.

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