Travel Rumors. A rumor you’ve heard. It strikes your curiosity and you’re eager to divulge it to everyone, scream about it and share it with the world. But then again, it’s a secret you don’t want everyone to know.

Unique. An experience. Something different. It could be the service, the food, the location or this one person who makes your experience that much more memorable, we seek the particulars that make an adventure one worth having. Revealing the hidden gems..

As a bunch of storytellers, it goes against our morals to keep these rumors to ourselves. Each story is so special and of course; an experience is best spent shared. Without a doubt, travelling makes the heart and the mind happy while providing such a unique and unforgettable experience! So, we have decided to go out and explore the world to find these hidden gems for our readers, tell them our little travel rumors and share these captivating stories.

We love to take you on board our journey. We seek to share the world through countless pictures and stories, share our own experiences, passions and dreams. Are you ready for take-off?

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.”

Love, Danielle and team of enthusiastic contributors!

Psst. Do(n’t) tell!

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