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A dream come true for many of us: in the beginning of 2017 an avocado restaurant will open its doors in De Pijp in Amsterdam. Can I get a whoop whoop?!
Restaurant The Avocado Show Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Avocado Show will be serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks. And all of this with: avocados! The chefs will be experimenting with the different dishes to include this exotic fruit in each of them, think of avocado burgers, avocado ice-cream, chocolate smoothies with avocado and avocado fries! Not in the mood to eat in or leave the house? The Avocado Show is also welcoming you for take away or home delivery.
We look forward to the opening!
The Avocado Show
Daniel Stalpertstraat 61
1072 XB Amsterdam

Psst. Do(n’t) tell!

Photo credits: Food Deco

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