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Away from the city’s crowded Altstadt there are numerous restaurants and bars boasting exquisite food and service, you just have to know where to find them. As a semi-new arrival to the city, here are my top 3 restaurants in Dusseldorf that are perfect for entertaining guests or friends.

1. Rocaille

This intimate bistro style restaurant has only been open for 11 months and is already packed with locals inside and out most nights of the week. The brain child behind Rocaille is long-term sommelier turned restauranteur Michael Spreckelmeyer who has crafted the best wine list in the city. His team in the kitchen focus on seasonality and simplicity, ensuring only the best ingredients are used in all items on the French and Tuscan themed menu.
“These simple dishes are my signature because it means you need only the best ingredients and you can’t hide behind them.” – Michael Spreckelmeyer
Lucky for us, we were just in time for asparagus season and were treated to a number of dishes focused around the delicate white asparagus including a creamy risotto made with love and cooked to perfection. Not to be forgotten is the in-house patisserie where each bite will transport you to the patisseries in France; where the pastry chef studied and trained at the famous Le Cordon Bleu Paris.
Contact Rocaille
Weißenburgstrasse 19
40476 Düsseldorf
Phone number: 0049(0)211 97711737
Restaurant Dusseldorf

2. Yabase

With my great pleasure, Dusseldorf has a large Japanese community which is reflected in the numerous Japanese restaurants and supermarkets within the city. The top of my list for Japanese food is Yabase. Their sushi is some of the freshest I’ve ever enjoyed and the entire menu is very authentic. Yabase isn’t exactly chic or hip, but the service is quick and attentive and the food will ensure everyone leaves satisfied. Must haves are the Gyu- Teriyaki, Nasu- Dengaku and the Luxury Sushi plate.
Be sure to come early or make a reservation in advance as there’s usually a line out the door!
Contact Yabase
Klosterstraße 70
40211 Düsseldorf
Phone number: 0049(0)211362677
Website: YabaseRestaurants Dusseldorf

3. Bar Olio

Despite the name, Bar Olio is not so much a bar but more a cozy and family run bistro style restaurant. The food and wine at Bar Olio are seriously good and it’s the perfect spot for a casual get together. The food could be described as leaning more towards Italian and the prices are very affordable and reasonable.
Be prepared to wait a little for your table as it’s usually packed full with the young and hip of Dusseldorf and they don’t take reservations. Basically, try to come early or a little later and avoid arriving at 8pm on a Saturday night.
Contact Bar Olio
Schirmerstr. 54
40211 Düsseldorf
Phone number: 0049(0)211 3677294
Restaurants Dusseldorf
Do you have another favorite place in Dusseldorf? Add it to the comments below!

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